This weekend was of course Valentine's Day weekend and on Friday I got an order for a heart cake to feed 20 people.  Instead of just making a really big heart cake that would feed 20 people I decided to make 2 completely different heart cakes that would feed 10 people each.  A yellow cake with buttercream icing, fondant and truffles.  A chocolate cake with rich chocolate icing and sugar flowers.  This was the result:

Mr. Bean's sister and her family came this weekend as well to visit.  Mr. Bean and I were supposed to be going on a Rhine River cruise Saturday night and then dinner at a nice restaurant in Koln with some couples from our church and they were going to babysit.  Unfortunately they cancelled the cruise at the last minute opting for dinner at a local restaurant around here.  Boo!  So we decided to skip it and instead on Saturday evening we all (4 adults, 3 kids) went to a 15th century castle about 15 minutes from our house to partake in their candle lit, live music Valentine's dinner menu.  It was INCREDIBLE.  The kids behaved flawlessly (except that Baby Bean wanted to go to the bathroom, no kidding, 9 times which was perfectly ok because did I mention, HE IS POTTY TRAINED NOW!!!!!!!).  Here are some of the pictures from that evening.  Hope you all had a wonderful Valentine's Day as well!

My sweet family.  What more could I ask for on Valentine's Day.  :)

 Baby Bean and me snuggling

 Mr. Bean's chocolate sensation at the castle.  

 Big Girl Bean and I snuggling

 My little Buggy enjoying his appetizer!


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