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Alright guys, I know you are all very busy with school, winter retreats, music, kids, etc. but we have got to keep in touch a little better. Don't you think? Stephanie has done a fantabulous job (yes, I said fantabulous) of keeping us all up to date on Asher's life and accomplishments and Heather and Elizabeth have been the only ones to share any comments or remarks lately on more than one persons blog. Lets try to put a little more effort into at least leaving a one or two word comment on a couple different blogs each day or every other day so everyone knows they are not blogging for their own entertainment.

Ok, I'm done with that.

So, no one told me that baby teeth don't have to come in in order. Baby Beans 1st 6 teeth came in side-by-side as I expected and the 7th was coming in in order as well. Well she had been a bit fussy for a couple weeks without fever so I thought well this one tooth is just giving her some trouble. I took her to the doctor for a check up to be safe and she actually had a mild ear infection. She has been medicated for a week and all is well again. But back to the teeth thing. Because of the doctors visit I was talking to some friends up here and they mentioned that one day there were all these teeth in their kids mouths that the didn't know they had. So I got curious. I took Brea home and upon a rather comical inspection of her mouth, she has like 12 teeth now. And I was only aware of 7. Go figure. I am constantly amazed at what these little beings are capable of doing how much she still surprises me day to day. By the way, Baby Bean is now a full fledged WALKER!!!!! Life as I knew it is now coming to an end. :)


Happy Birthday Baby Bean!!!!

Now I know that this is about a month overdue but as it appears no one really blogs anymore I doubt I'll get in trouble for it. However, here are Brea's 1st birthday pictures from home, AL and NC. Included are also some pictures of Mr. Bean teaching Baby Bean how to climb stairs. Go figure. :)


A Tribute to Mrs. Muffin


A Question for All Out There

What are your thoughts on this:

What happens to those in foreign countries, forgotten places of the world, or even here in the USA who have not had the opportunity to know or accept Christ as their savior when they die? Do they get a chance at Judgement Day or do they get bypassed all together? What do you think???