As Requested

As requested, here are some more baby bean photos. I'll have to download the most recent ones later and post them. These are fairly current though. They are mostly from August and beginning of September. The one of her laying down in all pink is the most recent from about 3 weeks ago. By the way, she had her 9 month appointment a couple weeks ago and she grew (normally 1 inch per month) 3 1/2 inches this last month! I was blown away. At least that explains most of her grumpiness at the time. I can also see 4 more of her teeth on the top row. They haven't come in yet but you can see a bunch of little white dots all along her gums. It's really the coolest thing.


My Turn

So it appears as though my time has come for an update. I have been very lax recently at updating and I apologize. That out of the way now, Baby Bean has gotten her 3rd tooth (top middle left) and I can see it's partner through her gums just waiting to pop through. EXCITING! I think I called everyone I could on this past Thursday (her 9 month birthday by the way) and told them about tooth #3.

The movers and packers have been and gone and so has all of our stuff. Well I guess actually about 98% of our stuff. We got to keep up to 900lbs of stuff to ship back the week we leave. So we have a few comforts (pots, pans, clothes, crib, tv, etc.) to last us til November 1st. We then will move to a hotel for our last ten days abroad before hitting the gateway to the west. We are sooo excited. We have gotten a buyers agent for realestate over there already and she is compiling a list of homes for us to check out when we hit the ground. We are wanting to move fast to be in a home by Christmas and as it takes an average of 30 days to close on a house right now we will be cutting it quite close.

Everything else is going great. It's a lot easier to clean the house now with barely any furniture and no nic-nacs. Mr. Bean will be turning 29 tomorrow so I have just finished making his Scotch-Chocolate Cake. Done by request only as I don't eat coconut or nuts of any kind in my food. We will be getting immunization checkups tomorrow and then hopefully locating a walker for Baby Bean as she wants to be on the go soooooooo bad now.

Well that's all for now. Will update sooner, I promise!


My Bestest Girlfriends

These are my best girlfriends in all the world. We have all been friends since at least the 8th grade and I can't imagine my life without the. These are the girls who ride in the car singing Total Eclipse of the Heart at the top of their lungs with me. They visit me and family in the hospital. I would trust them with my life and have several times ;) I love you guys !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Ahhhh...company is gone.........

The last of our guests left yesterday and we are in relaxation mode. At least for a day or two and then it's back to the hustle and bustle. We enjoyed our company immensely but are glad for the break and return to normalcy. If you can call it that. We are hitting our next countdown. We are at 8 1/2 weeks to move out and counting. I am sooooooooo EXCITED about St. Louis. House should be moved out in about 4 weeks and we should be moved out in about 8 weeks. Fun, fun, fun!

Our trip to the states was nice but very exhausting. I saw tons of people including my fabulous family (including the wonderfully dramatic Mrs. Muffin) who I had the most wonderful time getting to know more.

I have more to write but alas I am going to have to wait. Baby Bean is calling and I must answer as I will go mad if I don't. :)