What can I say....

....perhaps the 4th time is the charm. :) Looks like a Halloween baby!


Baby Bean has finally done it! About 5 minutes ago I heard her rummaging around in the bathroom so I peaked around the corner to see what she was doing. As I spied on her and watched in wonder as she moved her stool to the doorway, turned on the light (she was previously unable to reach the light switch), move her stool back in front of the potty, pull her pants down, take off her clean, dry diaper and sit on the potty. I thought, this is too good to be true. But as I listened I heard the glorious sound of little bean tinkling her heart out! She then proceeded to unroll way too much paper, pull only a little piece off and roll the excess back up and wipe herself. She then moved her stool to the sink and proceeded to wash her hands. With Soap! Now, Baby Bean has been going potty on her potty for quite some time and keeping about 60% of her diapers dry. Even occasionally telling me when she wanted to go potty. But this time she did it all by herself without a word to me. We still have a ways to go but what a MILESTONE! Congrats Baby Bean!!!



I believe one of the Republican candidates has been publicly criticized in the blogosphere for appearing on the Tyra Banks show. Therefore I think it only fitting that I point out that both Obama and Clinton have also appeared on her show. Interesting.


A little of this and a little of that

So mother and father bean were here this weekend for 3 days and we had a wonderful visit. Baby Bean wore them both out and cried when they left. Poor thing. She has unfortunately also acquired some sort of stomach bug which has left her acting completely normal except for a random throw up here and a runny poop diaper there. I know all of you were interested in knowing that so I thought I would toss it in.

Mr. Bean is settling into his school schedule now so his stress level has come down which is nice. Now we are deciding what to do for Valentines and my birthday in the coming weeks. I think some nice dinners and movies at the theatre without Baby Bean may be in order. We have a babysitter for my birthday so now we just have to grab one for Valentines. Any takers? :)

Well we celebrated Mother and Father Bean's birthdays while they were here so here are some pictures of the celebration and the cake. Now don't be too brutal with the comments. I'm afraid I aimed a little high for my current skill set but none the less it tasted good. So enjoy the photos!

The Parental Beans making a wish. Baby Bean's helping from behind.

Now if you don't know what it's supposed to be then please, don't tell me. And keep in mind it was a first try thing.

Due to the amount of drawing it took for this I did only two sides for the top and two for the bottom half and added some other creative elements to finish it off. Had it been going on display for an actual paying customer it would have been completed all the way around and hopefully looked a bit better.

While overseas we took them to Paris and all went up in the tower so I thought it only fitting to put them on the cake somewhere. And this design was at the request of Father Bean. It was a Coca Cola Fudge cake with Royal Butter Cream base icing and Hershey's Chocolate icing design.

This was a couple weeks ago on a make shift sled Mr. Bean made for the little one. She had a good time.


My Vote

This post is for Ms. Varlowe and the comment she made on Brother Bean's blog. Short and sweet. If anyone out there is with me, speak up! It's getting Obama heavy around here.