A little busy lately...

So I've been a little busy lately. Busy and consumed by Facebook. I never really spent much time on Facebook or MySpace but lately Facebook has really grabbed me. MySpace, haven't looked at in probably a year. I don't like it really. It's very spastic and chaotic and just not for me. Twitter might have taken off for me had I been able to get the phone updates to work but that never worked either. So Facebook it has been. I have to say that Facebook has got some very addicting games as well and I am easily amused by them.

Anyways, I posted these pictures on Facebook earlier but here are the pictures of the Steamer Trunk cake I just finished. All the stickers are edible modeling chocolate. The only things not edible were the buckles and a couple of the accessories attached to the chocolate. The Eifle Tower though is edible and was drawn on by me with black gel icing. Enjoy the pictures!


More pictures!

So here are a few more pictures of the kids from this weekend's bday party at a gymnastics studio and our little bitty rose garden. Enjoy!

He prefers to sit on his knees rather than his butt!

He loves to crawl up the ramps!

Baby Bean gets her medal!

Some roses from our garden.


Some Pictures...

...from this past weekend and today. A Christmas Carol is being made into a motion capture film like the Polar Express with Jim Carrey playing Scrooge and Robin Wright Penn playing Fann. We saw the behind the scenes train exhibit at Union Station this weekend. Enjoy!

Baby Bean in her 3-D glasses for a sneak peek at the movie.

All of us at the end of the train tour.

The Baby Beans together.

They play so well together!

My sweet Baby Bean 2! Isn't he adorable!?!?!?!?