I couldn't believe it but laying in bed last night I laid my hands on my lower belly and after a few minutes I felt the baby kick, TWICE! I would never have felt it during my regular routine as it was so faint and small but laying in bed quite and still. It was amazing!

Happy Monday Everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



So I never got the referral from my previous doctor that I felt so entitled to receive so get this, I had to DROP to a LOWER level of insurance coverage for a period of one year to get the care I was comfortable with and felt was adequate enough to take care of me and my new little one on the way. How screwy is that that you have to lower you insurance coverage to be able to have that kind of flexibility? Craziness! Anyways, all is well. I have gotten to lower coverage and had my 1st appointment with my new doctor today and am soooooooooooo glad I switched to this office. The baby was being uncooperative with the heart doppler so I got to sneak in for another ultra sound and it was amazing. You forget how cool it really is to see so much of another human inside you. We saw both arms and hands, both legs and feet and everything else baby is supposed to have. The heart beat was 169 so Mr. Bean and I are convinced even more now that it is going to be a girl! So yea! We don't actually know what the baby will be but we are banking on a girl. :) That would be good since I have all girl stuff already and would need to actually buy very little. Anyways, they want me back in 3 weeks for a more indepth appointment to meet nurses, fill out pre-registration paperwork, etc. so I will have more information then. And then hopefully the end of May we will know 100% if it's a girl or not.

Other than that there really isn't much going on. We got home Sunday afternoon from a visit to the AL bean family and were glad to be back in our own beds. This Saturday Mr. Bean and I are going to and indoor arena football game for the first time with a couple friends so that should be fun. Then Sunday Baby Bean and are going to Aunt Bean in Peoria's house for the whole week to visit, play and just have fun. Oh and did I mention that GREY'S ANATOMY is back on tonight!!!!!!!!

Until later...


Vacation and things...

... well Baby Bean and I got down to AL last Saturday evening and have been enjoying family, friends and time away from home.  Mr. Bean was "on the hill" for the week so we decided we would have our own little vacation.  Sunday we went to Sunday School where Grandma Bean needed to show off her little grand-bean and then we moved on over to Montgomery for mid-afternoon burgers with Little Brother Bean and his Mrs.  The burgers and brownies were fantastic.  After dinner LBB took Baby Bean to McDonald's to play and a good time was had by all. And yes, that means me too.  The pictures will be forthcoming.  ;)  Monday we had dinner with my two favorite girls from high school (one of which is glowing in her 5th month of pregnancy).  Then we exchanged belated Christmas/Birthday gifts over coffee and Lady Bug Petifours (not sure about the spelling).  Tuesday was a relaxing laid back day.  Wednesday  Mother Bean, baby and I went to Prattville for the afternoon and did a little shopping.  Thursday I got to have lunch with my two favorite girls again and then we get to Friday.

Now I don't want to repeat Mrs. M's sentiments about the days as they were so eloquently stated, but I will say this.  It was soooooooo hard for me not to jump up on that table and get my belly photos too!  I was so glad to see the twins in real time.  They are getting so big and Baby Bean is so excited about becoming a cousin.  One thing Mrs. M. left out of her blog was the insane mating of birds that we were honored to witness while enjoying the afternoon splendor. Craziness!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!