Not much going on...

So there really hasn't been all that much going on just me being lazy about blogging I guess. A couple weeks ago a friend of mine here had twin boys at 26 weeks 6 days. Thank you to everyone who knew about this for your prayers. They were a welcome comfort. The babies were born on 09.09.09. How cool, huh? They are both doing great so far. They are almost 2 weeks old and both are above their birth weight, breathing with just a little oxygen mask on, eating breast milk every 3 hours and getting the amount upped every 12 hours. They have been held by mom and dad since they were 2 days old and are adorable tiny kids. Keep praying for them but they are doing good for the moment so all is looking bright here.

Last weekend was the air show and the weekend before that was some family in town for some fun galavanting. The weekend and week before that was Labor Day and we had Nana and a great friend from Montgomery in town for visits. We went to Eckert's Orchards, a Cardinals game and I also made a cake for the neighbor's birthday. He turned 27 but is a huge Cardinal's fan so I made him this cake. We went to a Balloon Glow this past Friday night in Forest Park which was really cool. It's a huge festival of hot air balloons that are lit in the evening for people to come see and photograph. Oh yeah, I made Brother Bean's Mexican Lasagna with a twist so here are those photos as well. Shredded chicken is the way to go with this.

Mr. Bean's new car as of a month ago. Red interior. Nice!!!!!!!

A Balloon Glow photo......

Mexican Lasagna in the making.

The finished product! Take that Mr Bean! I'll compete against you any day. Now if only we could get them to have a Siblings Amateur Top Chef competition.

My new camera does this!

Pujols for the Cardinals. We won 7-6 that night with him hitting a 3 run homer!

Baby Bean in a bouncy castle.

My gosh she is getting so big! She can ride these rides by herself now!

Baby Bean 2 was just chillin out with his feet propped up. Note the Biscuit's tee from the Grandparent's Bean.

the Cardinals cake I made. #5 is Pujols