American Idol and Baby Bean 2 update

Baby Bean 2 went for his 4 month apt. yesterday. He is 14lbs and 26 1/2 inches long. He has moved up to the 93rd percentile for height and but has dropped to the 30th percentile for weight. He was born in the 80th percentile for both catagories and in weight dropped to 68% and now 30%. The doctors are not worried about it because of his age (4 months meaning teething, rolling and just more active in general) but because he still has a small heart murmur AND his weight percentage (not actual weight as he is still gaining weight) has dropped some more they want a cardiologist to do an exam and listen to his heart and make his own assessment for reassurances. That appointment will be on March 30th.

Other than that he is doing great! He gets to start on baby food now so we will be experimenting with sweet potatoes today. Yum! Not really because I don't like sweet potatoes although I do really like sweet potato fries. With garlic salt. That is soooooooo good. :)

I didn't get to post about American Idol before the kick off show Wednesday but this is what I thought. I thought on Tuesday that Kris Allen did the best. I am not by any means a country music fan, anymore, but I will always love me some Garth Brooks. I listened to too much of it in elementary school that it's just a mainstay in my head. Anyways, Kris's version of To Make You Feel My Love was great! For the kick off, if I was going to kick someone off solely based on Tuesday's performances this week I sadly would have kicked off Adam Lambert. His version of "Ring of Fire" was horrible. I don't care if it was a Jeff Buckley version. It was strange and weird and not good. But if I was kicking people off based on overall performances from the start I would have booted Scott McIntyre or Lil Rounds. I really just don't like either one of them and feel like they will soon be leaving the show. Obviously my predictions would have been wrong as Alexis Grace was kicked off but I'm glad the judges didn't use their one veto power to save her. I liked her and thought she was good but not as good as some still on the show who might need that judges save later on.

What's going on with you guys?


4 Months And A Nursery

So, Baby Bean 2 is 4 months old now and I finally have the nursery 98% completed. It's painted and decorated and such and there is nothing left to get for it. But there are still a couple things that need to be put away that don't belong in there. Either way, here are some photos of my sweet boy's "den." Some new photos of him will surface soon. My camera is still on hiatus so my apologies for the crappiness of these photos today.

His dresser with an Aunt Marge original hanging above.

His rolling baskets compliments of the grandparents Mielke and his $2 giraffe photo from "the devil's armpit."

The crib and his view. Most nursery components were compliments of the grandparents Mielke with exception to the furniture. Furniture from the original Baby Bean with the crib being from Nana.

The wonderful comfy rocker on loan from the Great Auntie Nancy. Notice the giraffe ribbon around the windows???? :)

A better photo of the crib.

The closet doors showing off some more giraffe ribbon and the color variations of the walls.


American Idol

Now that we have hit the Top 13 I think I will post my favorite performance from each week. This week was close but Adam Lambert was definitely the best. For some reason YouTube is not letting me post videos to my blog right now which really irks me. Adam performed Black or White by Michael Jackson and was excellent. There were several other good performances but his was tops in my opinion. Now, tonight, I think the two going home will be Jasmine and Scott. Alexis is a possibility for the boot too though. Check out Adam though and let me know what you think!


For Fans of The Poe Shadow

It gets released on March 17th.


Heads will roll...

or maybe just babies. :) This was Baby Bean 2's weekend activities! He'll be 4 months on the 11th.