Ever notice...

... how many people take the Lord's name in vain that don't even believe in him? What right do they have to use his name for anything when they don't believe he exists?


In Memory of Clutch...

...after fighting a couple weeks against an unfortunate illness, we had Clutch put to sleep today. He was only 4 years old but he lived a good 4 years. He traveled the world. He was bleeding internally and no treatment could have prolonged his life in a healthy way for very long. We attempted to get him to some rescue organizations to try to do more for him but with the Memorial Day weekend nothing was going to be possible until Tuesday so after taking a turn for the worse this morning we along with the Vet. decided it was better for him to be put to sleep. He was an incredible dog and we were blessed to have him for 4 years.

Rest in peace.


We're Back

So Baby Bean and I finally made it back home from our many travels over the past 6 weeks and should be staying put for about 5 weeks before heading out again. And the next trip will be to AL for little Brother Bean's wedding!!! So excited.

Mr. Bean made it back from school and was relieved to be back home. Baby Bean remembered him completely and missed him like crazy. She won't even let me put her down for bed now. It has to be daddy. So cute.

Well, I don't really have any news or updates for the moment so I will leave you all with this fabulous photo.

How could you NOT love that face?!?!?!?