Hi! It's been a while so I thought I would put something up here. I am currently blogging from a borrowed computer as the baby beans and I are up north for a bit. We went to Grandma Campbell's for a couple of days and got to see our newest little cousin. He is adorable and only 2 months old. Made me want another one. Crazy, I know! Anyways, Bowen has gotten this fabulous little diner and Grandma Campbell and the three of us had an early birthday celebration for her there. Then we went accross to the new Veteran's Memorial that has been resurrected for any and all service people. 4 of which were on there were my family. It is a beautiful monument I hope to get pictures of on here when I get back home.

Now we are at Aunt Nancy's and will head back home Sunday to relax for a bit. In august I am doing a bridal shower cake for our neighbor. The couple is going on a cruise for a honeymoon so their cake is going to be a map of their honeymoon route. Their idea. I think it will work. I'll post pictures when it's done.

Other than that nothing really going on. Mr. Bean is busy with work and school and Baby Bean 1 should be starting her 3 year old school program the end of August. She is so excited and I am so anxious. This will be an all new experience.

What are you all up to???


One Fast Little Bean!


Grandma Moses

So yesterday we had a busy day. We went to story time at the library, which turned out to be canceled because of the holiday. We went to Mr. Bean's work for promotion day with a big cake and cutely attired Baby Beans. Then I fixed dinner for my 3 plus another 4 that were headed over (out of that total 7, 5 were kids) before I was off to a relaxing evening at another Pampered Chef party. Did I mention that in about 2 weeks I will be a Pampered Chef consultant? Yup, I can't wait! But back to the story...

About 7:45 last night my friend gets a call from her husband that goes like this, "hey, don't ask any questions just send the carpet rake home with Big-E."

That's all he would say. So I called Mr. Bean to ask what had happened to the carpet since her husband was obviously not going to cough it up.

Mr. Bean says, "bring the carpet rake home with you.
Me: Why? What happened to the carpet?
We'll talk about it when you get home."

Click, that was the end of the conversation. Now, I'm at a house full of moms of toddlers and none of us could come up with what I had in my house that could be so bad that neither of them would say over the phone. We threw around paint, glue, candy, ashes, poop, vomit, etc. You name it we came up with it and still couldn't figure out what could have happened. So at 8:15 I drove my happy, nervous self home to find this:

Yes, and that is after 1 hour and 45 minutes, 3 buckets of steamer water and 1/2 a bottle of dove shampoo cleaning. The carpet still has spots that are faded but still discolored from the teal and mauve paint that was puddled on it. Baby Bean used to have a white mesh net around her bed too. It is now purple. Her dresser has remnants of silver and her closet and bed posts have a mixture of lime green and lavender on them. Now, Baby Bean did have another 3 1/2 yr old and 5 yr old accomplice. So this was a group effort. One 3 1/2 yr old asked if they could play with paint and the 5 yr old said yes. Then all 3 were in for the fun. This took about 10 min. What's funny is this morning when Baby Bean 2 woke up I went to get him and he had green paint on his leg. Still not sure how that happened. Baby Bean's, or should I say Grandma Moses', contribution is the part on the left with the smiley face and dark streaks.

So yes now we have toddler art in Baby Bean's room. Not the kind I was planning on but toddler art all the same. You may wonder where the paint came from. Baby Bean has some butterfly and dragonfly stencils about her closet and that was the paint we did them with. The paint and stencils had been in a basket on her top shelf for about 9 months now until I was finished with the stenciling. Baby Bean knew they were there and had been told not to play with them. She hadn't played with them until last night. All bottles of paint were emptied on the carpet and wall so needless to say we don't have to worry about this again. One good thing we learned though, all of our children know not to play with electrical outlets. :)

Baby Bean got sent to time out while Mr. Bean was cleaning and calming down and while in time out she thought it would be fun to do this:

She said her 5 yr old friend was doing it to her elbow so she thought it would be fun to do it to her head. She said the carpet was soft at first and then it started hurting her. Yes, that is a carpet burn she gave herself while sitting in time out. ???????????? I don't know what to say. That was how yesterday went.