3D Take One...

Here are two of the pictures from today's ultrasound. And yes, he is still a he. :) I have another 3D in two weeks. The ultrasound tech is so nice. He doesn't charge for this he just does it for the extra practice. Yea for Pictures!!!

The baby does have a whole arm there it's just that when he moves at the same time the photo is being taken it skews certain parts.


One Proud American!


So not much up with us right now. Visiting close family and working on kids rooms. The accent wall in the babies room is painted (guacamole green) and the rest of his walls are going to be a shade of brown or tan. Baby Bean's room is going to be turquoise with white trim. Haven't started on that one yet. I'll be 25 weeks Wednesday and baby is as active as ever. I am still carrying as low as ever too. If I hadn't done this before I would think that he was just going to drop out at any minute!

Oh, I am making the wedding cake and groom's cake for a friends wedding the end of August. Here are the particulars:

The wedding cake is going to be 3 tiers 2 layers each. All layers square and each tier off set from the one below. This may sound slightly odd but wait til you hear the request I got for the groom's cake. Her dress is trimmed in a red ribbon so there will be a red satin ribbon around each tier of her cake. Then each tier will have a minimal design on it but a slightly different design on each tier. All other decorations on her cake will be white.

The groom's cake is going to be a two layer chocolate sheet cake with basket weave around the edges and shells or stars for the bottom border. The top however is a different story. The top is going to be Lambeau Field. That is the home field of the Green Bay Packers. Look it up on Google images and yes, that's what I'm doing. Green Bay on one end, Packers on the other and the big G in the middle. He also wants in addition to his tuxedo strawberries some GBP jersey strawberries. This is going to be crazy. Doable of course, but crazy. My biggest challenge at the moment is figuring out where to store some of the cakes before the wedding as my freezer is not big enough.

I'll definitely post more and for sure pictures when the time comes. Until then...



From our 4th of July weekend!

A 4th of July cake, of course.


Fireworks part 2

Fireworks part 3

and Baby Bean and I swinging on the Bowen playground!