Vacation is over

So our 10 day vacation ended today. Mr. Bean had to go back to work and Baby Bean and I are back to house chores interspersed with playing and walks around the neighborhood. We were in NC for 6 days and then had a wonderful relaxing 4 day weekend for Memorial Day. It was so nice to have Mr. Bean out of school and work to just be home with us to play and relax. Yea for vacations! Well I know you are all very well aware but since my last post I have become the Aunt of 2 GORGEOUS little cuties by the names of Harper and Lily. It is killing me that I am going to have to wait until August or later to actually see them and get to hold them. I can't wait!!!

Other than that everything is going great. Baby Bean is chattier than ever and getting so big. She got to ride a couple rides at Dollywood this last trip that she didn't get to ride last year. She is still too small for most of them but the ones she got to ride this time she enjoyed immensely. I am going to be 18 weeks pregnant tomorrow and my belly is huge! My book said that around 20 weeks your uterus hits your navel but according to my last doctor's appointment and how the doctor showed me how to feel where it is, it's already there. Like I said, my belly is huge! I feel great though. I am definitely out of my old clothes now and into maternity clothes completely. I did find a couple shirts at Old Navy last week that in a medium size were super cut and still covered my belly. They should last another month or so.

Mr. Bean and I will be celebrating our 6th wedding anniversary in a couple weeks and I can't believe it's been that long. We tell people all the time that it really still feels like we're just dating. Except with the obvious marriage benefits. ;) Mr. Bean is incredible and has shown me more love, honesty, generosity and comfort than I could have ever imagined possible. He truly is my Knight in Shinning Armor. I am so proud of him. Of what he does, what he stands for and how amazing he is as a husband and father. I feel so blessed to have been married to him for these last 6 years and can't wait for 60 more!

Happy Tuesday Everyone!!!!!!


This and that

On Mother's Day Mr. Bean was supposed to have an auto cross race from 7am to 5pm. Well, due to our obscene wind around here, not to mention the over abundance of rain we've had, his race was cancelled. You see, they score your auto cross by how fast you run the course and add time for however many cones you knock over. Well, the wind was blowing all the cones off the course therefore making it very difficult to score a race. Therefore we go to spend the day together. The whole day! Yea!

We went to church and Baby Bean made me my first real mother's day present in Sunday school. It was so sweet to see how excited she was to have made something to give me. That alone made it the best Mother's Day ever. Then we took Arby's home for lunch, we all took Sunday afternoon naps, then we went to the mall where I got my hair cut, we all had Orange Julius' and then went to Joe's Crab Shack for dinner. It was wonderful. Then on the way home we stopped by Border's where I got a new book (an Edwardian mystery) and the movie 27 Dresses which we went home and watched after Baby Bean went to bed. It was a wonderful day!

Today I had my 16 week appointment. Baby is still there. Heart beating and flipping like mad. I feel the baby all the time now during the day and it's so much fun. This is one of my favorite parts of being pregnant. My next appointment will be June 12th where I will get to have another ultrasound and find out if we're having another girl or our first boy. I can't wait!

Friday I am going to dinner and the movie, Made of Honor, with some playgroup ladies and then Saturday morning we're headed to Asheville, NC for a week of R&R as a whole family. I can't wait. Until I get back....