First let me just say how glad I am that Scott got booted from American Idol last night. :)

Today is brag about your kids day apparently. I am not a very eloquent writer and frequently feel inadequate when I try to write on similar subject to others but I will write on this one because, well, I love my kids.

Baby Bean (Brea) is a carbon copy of her daddy if ever there was one. She is so smart, cunning, energetic, spirited, observant, ... I could go on and on. Her and Mr. Bean are so much alike in manner and character it's uncanny. She does have one thing from me. She is very adaptable. Now I'm not saying Mr. Bean isn't but this girl is up for anything all the time. She loves people and has NEVER been afraid of a Sunday School class, a babysitter, a playgroup, etc. She isn't afraid of people but she is careful. We will walk through the grocery store and if someone says hi to her she smiles and then says "mama, that man said hi to me." At which I tell her that's ok and she can say hi back or that it was very "big girl" of her to tell me and that she should only talk to people I approve of. And yes, she knows what the phrase "approve of" means. Her vocabulary is incredible. I'm pretty sure she could give Grandma Von a run for her money in Scrabble. Her memory is also amazing. She can count to 10 in 4 different languages and knows 90% of her colors in Spanish. She can also say a few phrases in Spanish and French. She even knows the Pledge of Allegiance and can write (legibly) her first and last name without help! She just turned 3!!!! Really, this child is amazing. She loves dresses that twirl and anything with butterflies. She names her dolls and animals things like Moira Abelina. No idea where that came from. Her favorite movie is Beauty and The Beast and her favorite song is The Gambler.

Baby Bean 2 (Sloan) is special. I don't know what it is. I don't know if it's the fact that he's a boy or the fact that he's a boy after I had a girl. I don't know what it is but when I think about him or look at him I just have special feelings just for him. I love both of my children with all my heart and not one more than the other but it is a special feeling that comes over me when I'm with him. He is so charming. He grins at everyone and loves women! He will tolerate guys holding him but if a woman is hold him he is all dimples and squeals. He is almost 5 months old and is eating like a mad man. He eats 2-3 jars of #2 baby food every day in addition to his 32oz of formula. Now I have noticed in the last few days that his formula intake has dropped by maybe about 4 oz which is interesting and I'm sure a by product of all the baby food. He has been rolling around the living room for over a month now and is trying to pull himself hup to a sitting position from his back. He is getting so big and strong. He is now moving into 6-9 month clothes. He loves to blow raspberries and drools like you wouldn't believe! He is my special little man. Oh, and his favorite song is also The Gambler.

Well, that's all I have tonight. I am going to go organize my DVD racks I just got. What are you doing this evening????


Baby Bean's TV Debut!

Baby Bean go to do a mock Easter Egg Hunt at our local orchard last week and she actually made it into the clip they put on t.v. here. I don't know how to get the video on here so you'll have to check it out HERE And then click on the Easter Egg-citement at Eckerts video.


Updates of Sorts

  1. Baby Bean 2 is fine. He went to the cardiologist Monday and he still has his little heart murmur but they said it is really mild and he has no other symptoms of possible heart problems so we are going to do our previously scheduled heart echo in May after his 6 month bday. He gained about 1.5 pounds between 2 weeks ago and Monday as well so they were quite happy. :)
  2. American Idol last night: Am I the only one who is irritated so much by Megan Joy that I want to rip my own fingernails out??? I LOVE her voice but can't stand her or her moves or her personality, etc. Kris was once again my favorite of the night with Adam coming in 2nd and Danny coming in 3rd. Danny may have been my 2nd choice if his last name wasn't Gokey. That's just weird.
  3. I got to watch last weeks episode of Grey's Anatomy yesterday and am so excited that volleyball has been canceled for tomorrow night so that I can see tomorrow's episode.
  4. I'm about fed up with laundry. I've done a minimum of 3 loads a day for the last 5 days and somehow I still can't see the bottom of the laundry basket. Ugh! I need a laundry service.
  5. I'm ready to move overseas again. Nowhere in particular just overseas in general. I love the travel and learning opportunities and I would really love to do it again before the kids get too old and school becomes an issue. Oh, speaking of school, Baby Bean will be starting a 3 day a week preschool in the fall from 9am to 11:30am. She is so excited. She got a new "Teaching Your Preschooler To Read and Write" book a couple weeks ago and she is now an expert at writing her first and last name. It kind of scares me a little. :)
  6. Finally, Picasso is doing much better. He still eats everything in sight but until today he hadn't peed in the house in almost a week. He did however destroy 3 of Baby Bean's pee pull-ups the other night during his midnight romp that has been making his belly a little upset. Oh well, I told him that's what he gets for playing with the nastiness!