Family, Change and the Weather

A topic on many blogs lately has been one of change. Mostly in respect to new blogs but also in regards to life and career. I did not follow suit changing blog servers or whatever they are called but I did change my template. If some may recall I had this template for a short time after I first started but could never get the "Links" section to work. Well, as you can see I have kinda, sorta, half way figured it out so that I can once again have the background I prefer. Harbor.

I don't have an actual career although some may consider being a stay-at-home-mom to be one. I enjoy it so much that I don't see it as a career or job but more like a vacation with eternal sunshine. Brea is truely wonderful and she ALWAYS brightens my day. If I had to pick a career title for my current situation I would probably actually pick "Professional Tourist." Mr. Bean has exceeded his expectations as a husband and enabled me to stay home and do absolutely whatever I would like whether that is "home-making" (which he is always in favor of)shopping, traveling, etc. Brea and I do it all and I cannot begin to express how blessed I am with this. The only thing that could make it better is if Mr. Bean himself could stay home all day every day and play. He just had a 3 day weekend and it was so refreshing for us both. I know some of you guys are struggling with career decisions and choices right now and I do understand. I worked full-time while taking 3 night classes per semester for a year and have still not finished my degree. I will finish it eventually but once I do I don't know what I'll do with it. Coming to Europe for this short time was my ticket home. I am looking forward to the day when all our current and future kids are in school and I can re-enter the work place for any job even a salesman. I love selling things. :) Keep doing what feels right and you will know the right choices to make when it's time. Everything happens for a reason and God is blessing us all by giving us these choices. I am praying for all of you who are in "limbo" right now.

As Brother Bean stated on his site our grandfather, Clyde Campbell, passed away just over a week ago. He had a wonderful life filled with kids, grandkids, great grandkids, you name it. We are all going to miss him but we know he is happier and more at peace now then in his last months on earth. We are all changing so much from location to having babies to new friends and pets to new jobs and experiences but the one thing I've noticed through all our blogs and exchanges is that we all go back to family. Family is THE most important thing to remember. They will always be there for you and hey, that where you come from. That's who you are. You may have been shaped by experiences and people you've met along the way but the one constant thing inside you that guides you (other than God of course) is your family. Remember family on birthdays, holidays, weekends, etc. That is where you are always home.

Now our weather here has been sweltering until this past Saturday and now it is cooling off a little bit at a time. For those of you baking in the south count your blessings. You have AC. We don't! :) And for all you bean towners, try to get too wet up there.

PS Bro. Bean, remember Grandma Campbell's birthday is Wednesday 26, July!


Happy 30th Week Birthday!!!

Baby Bean was born this day 30 weeks ago. I was in labor for about 3 hours and 45 minutes with her wonderful arrival coming none to soon. She had been 9 days late and apparently quite comfortable where she was. She was 7lbs 3oz and 19 1/2" long. Blue Eyes (as you can obviously see) and a fair crop of blond hair. It should be noted that the hair she was born with is the exact same amount she has now. So as she looks pretty bald now, on a much smaller head it appeared to be a decent amount. :) She now has 2 teeth, is about 28" long and about 17lbs. I will get official measurements next Wed. at her 7 month check up. Enjoy the pictures!

These ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ are from her 1st week alive.

And these ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ are from this week. I am in LOVE!


I'm back....

....again. I missed last week a little too much. Sorry for that. Here are some more pics from HI as I don't really have anything to post on right now. Enjoy!

This is us with Diamond Head in the background.

This is on the beach, I'm not sure the name.

A cloudy mountain. :)

The view from my sister-in-law's window. Isn't that amazing. I would love to wake up and have my coffee to that!

Where we went swimming one day.



Alright people, it's time to start blogging again. I realize it's summer time and you all are very busy with new jobs, school, moving, babies, etc. but I am really starting to miss your updates. I admit I have been lax over the last few weeks with my blogging but I am trying to work on it.

Have you been to the Cheers Bar yet?

Have you got a 1st photo to share with us all?

What is your review of Pirates of the Carribean 2?

Have Sunday blogs been forgotten as well?

What ever happened with the neighbor who mysteriously disappeared?

Have you gone on a carriage ride around Central Park or bought scalped tickets to a Broadway show yet?

When do we get another motorcycle update, new music update, NetFlix review, etc.?

These are questions I am waiting to have answered. I will give you a couple days to get your thoughts together but in the mean time, blog people blog! :) I hope to hear something from you all soon!!!!!

PS Baby Bean is 29 weeks old today. Can you believe it?
Only yesterday she looked like this

and now she looks like this!


The Matadore

Actors: Pierce Brosnan, Greg Kinnear, Hope Davis

Plot: An old, lonely assasin seeking friendship.

Star Rating: 3 out of 5

My thoughts: This was weirdly funny. There were several moments when Mr. Bean and I just looked at each other, raised our eyebrows and thought "did he really just say/do that?". Not your typical Pierce Brosnan film. No suave moves or lines. Definitely out of his norm. I would watch it again if it was convenient but it was a bit over the top in language. The F word and sexual comments were oddly placed and quite frequent. Don't spend your money renting it unless you are a NetFlixer and it doesn't really cost anything. Entertaining in a strange way. Oh, and Greg Kinnear with a mustache? I don't think so.

My World Travels


Back Again

So I'm back on the circuit now. No telling for how long though. My grandfather is very ill and not expected to live more than another week so I may be heading back to the states sometime soon for a couple weeks at which time my blogging will take yet another hiatus. Will keep you all posted on that.

We are all doing well here.
This is a photo of Brea's 1st tooth. Her second one is in now and they are both getting taller. I haven't taken pictures of the second one yet. I'm working on it.

Mr. Bean made it back from CA on Sunday. It is so nice to have him back home. Unfortunately his flight didn't come in til nearly 5pm that afternoon and he had to work the next day so we haven't gotten to spend much time together. The weekend's coming though. We don't get the 4th of July off here but we did have a big party at Mr. Bean's work yesterday so that was nice. We had a chili cook-off and a fireworks show. It was nice once the sun started setting around 9:30. This is one of my fireworks photos and one of me and Baby Bean in her 4th of July outfit. She's getting soooooooo big!

Well, that's the only update I really have for now. Our list of locations for the next move will be out this time next week so stay tuned for possible move spots to come.