A Short Follow-up

My quest for items not Made In China is moving along but at a slow pace. There are so many out there that it really is hard. Clothes and shoes are the hardest to find but it is possible. Taiwan and the Phillipines and the USA have been the majority of my recent purchases. Let me know how your quests are going if you are embarking on something of the same.


China, think about it.

Ms. Hooks I apologize if this offends I don't intend it to.

Have you ever stopped and checked to see just how much of the things we buy are made in China? We are currently on a " no made in China purchases " kick. It's hard to contribute to a country's economy so much when there are so many unsafe products being produced there and we have such strained relations with them that could cause conflict in the future. Take a minute and look at the things around your house and you'll realize just how many items you own or pick up to buy that are made in China. It's a little scary.


I'm back

I was actually convinced that hardly anybody stopped by my blog anymore and therefore decided to just read others rather than keep up my own. While there are still a few unnamed souls that feel no need to keep up there are those of you out there that apparently do check in from time to time so here it goes.

We have had nonstop company for the last couple months and just got back in town Wednesday from a wonderful fall color filled trip to Asheville for a week. We had the best time but I think it's safe to safe I have never eaten so much in my life! It was crazy how much food we had while we were there. Mmmmmmmmmm good times!

We get our last piece of furniture tomorrow which is a chair for the living room to go with the end table that's been so lonely for a couple months.

Baby Bean is chit chatting so much these days. I wrote Miss Hooks earlier about how she goes on forever like an 80 year old woman with a lifetime of stories to tell. She's so funny. Her latest kick is blessing everyone. If she hears someone cough or sneeze she blesses them a few times to make sure they hear her. Adorable. Speaking of the baby bean, my phone is currently not working properly since she decided to drop it in the potty yesterday. Thank goodness there was nothing but clean water in the potty. None the less, I will be getting a new one soon.

Other than that my life is moving along smoothly. Mr. Bean hit the big 30 a few weeks ago and he is still dashing as ever. He got some basement building funds along with some new Craftsman tools so he was happy.

I'll leave you all with a Baby Bean picture to brighten your day.

Believe it or not she loves being traced on the sidewalk.