Happy Fall!

Nothing says fall like a live llama chase through your backyard!

The rest of these are a couple indoor Halloween decoration pictures (I love Halloween!) and a couple of my every growing belly. Look at this belly! Can you believe when I went into the Motherhood Maternity store the other night to try on a shirt the lady told me to put on the "belly pillow" to make sure I got a big enough size???? This belly isn't allowed to get any bigger! Or lower for that matter. This kid's already between my knees the way it is! :) Enjoy!

33 weeks, 5 days

33 weeks, 5 days. Notice the spooky mantle. :)

Our dining room table.

The spooky sofa table.

Our new breakfast table and chairs with my new place mats and napkins! Compliments of my most favorite Jimmy Buffet fan!


A Page from Stephanie

hope you don't mind. :)

Current Book(s): I have a bad habit of starting several books and not finishing any of them. Currently though is The Appeal by John Grisham. Last finished was an Edwardian novel I can't remember the name of. Go figure!

Current Playlist: I'm on a big Kenny Rogers kick right now. Also Lifehouse.

Current Fetish: Anything having to do with Fall/Halloween decorations.

Current Drink: Decaf. Sweet Tea (which tastes exactly the same as caffeinated) and a Pumpkin Spiced Latte (decaf). Thanks to Big Brother Bean and the Mrs.

Current Food: Cornmeal Pancakes. Crazy maybe but I love their sweetness! Try it with the Jiffy corn bread mix and directions on the package.

Current Favorite Favorite: A hot bath or watching Mr. Bean and Baby Bean play together. It's a toss up at this point in time. :)

Current Wishlist: A garage door opener. Seriously, we've lived here nearly two years and still haven't gotten one. And don't think we don't park in the garage because Mr. Bean wouldn't have it any other way. Perhaps this year Santa will bring me one. :)

Current Needs: Sleep. Although I don't know when that will be. : /

Current Triumphs: Getting my shoes on in the morning. I haven't swelled at all this time but bending over is not an option anymore. I've gotten creative.

Current Bane(s) of my Existence: Driving. And that makes me sad because I so love to drive. 7 more weeks............

Current Indulgence: Starbucks. Today was the first time in probably 5 months I've had Starbucks and I got a coupon so went back for a second drink later in the day. :)

Current Blessing: A healthy pregnancy. All I want is 3-4 more weeks and then I wouldn't mind and early entrance.

Current Outfit: Half pajamas/half regular clothes.

Current Excitement: Decorating the kids rooms!

Current Mood: Tired and in a little bit of pain. Either someone is very large all of a sudden or I'm having tummy growing pains from someone getting very large.

Current Links: www.childrensplace.com (they have jeans for Baby Bean for only $4.99!)


What a month!

August has been incredibly busy at the Bean household. We had company every weekend including this past weekend along with transitioning baby bean into a big girl bed and making, transporting and setting up wedding cakes. Needless to say a slow September is what I'm looking forward too.

Baby Bean is in her newly madeover room with big girl paint, a big girl dresser and most importantly a big girl bed which she LOVES! We haven't had the slightest problem getting her to sleep in her bed and she loves it. I will say it is quite a change though to have a 2 1/2 year old just climb right up into your bed at 7:00am when she has woke up and can now get out of her bed and room without assistance. :) She is growing up so fast! We still have some more decorating and painting to do but we're getting there.

Like I mentioned above this past weekend was the wedding I have been working on cakes for for the past 3 weeks. I would rate it an all around success. Bride and groom were both pleased with the result and thought the taste was "illegally good." And that's a quote from the groom. The only major thing I would have done differently is on the bride's cake. Unfortunately when we leveled and squared up the bottom layer of cake it took it in about an inch around the sides leaving the 2nd tier slightly larger than expect. This resulted in a slight over hang of the corner leaving no room for the shell border to continue around the end of that particular cake. Otherwise all went well and I am happy to say I have no other wedding cakes lined up at the moment. Don't get me wrong, I would love to do more of them but there would most definitely have to be a charge next time around for all the stress and work put in.

Here are some pictures of the new big girl room and the cakes.