A Few Updates

  • Picasso is doing very well. He sleeps between 3 and 4 hours at a time now at night so I'm only up usually twice to let him out. This is a huge improvement over the first week of getting up every hour to hour and a half.
  • We have seen a couple movies in the last few weeks and they were AWESOME! Taken with Liam Neeson was thrilling, fast paced and incredibly realistic. He is an ex-special forces guy who's 17 year old daughter and friend are kidnapped in Paris by women traffickers. The movie is his quest to get her back. 4 stars for this one!!!
  • Confessions of a Shopaholic. I know what you're thinking and I was too. This is going to be the lamest excuse for a chick flick in the history of movies, right? Wrong! It was so good. Very engaging and funny and witty. It was a great girl movie to lift your spirits and feed your inner shopaholic. :)
  • I am approaching 27 years and am very excited. Nothing special happens at 27 years but I am so happy and content with my life and my family right now that I can't help but feel great about anything to come including my age change.
That's it. What are you guys up too????


Meet Picasso!

So this is what we did this weekend. We had promised Baby Bean a puppy for Christmas since it had been almost 2 years since we put our last puppy, Clutch, down. Well, after 2 weeks of hard core searching and calling about almost every add I found we found him. He is almost 6 weeks old. He is 1/4 Pit Bull, 1/4 Black Lab and 1/2 Australian Shephard. He was originally advertised as a Pit/Akita/Aussie mix which to me sounded like a "Picaussie." So seeing as that was the mix he was with the merle spots on his face we decided we would call him Picasso. The we got there and found out it was Black Lab in him rather than Akita (which is better) but we stuck with the name anyways. So, what do yout think? Pretty cute, huh? Well at this point I am ready to take him back simply because I had forgotten how often they had to pee at night (every freaking hour!). My 3 month old baby doesn't even wake up at night and when he used to it was at the most frequent every 4 hours. I also forgot how whiney they were the first few days at night. I am currently functioning on about 4 hours of sleep so say a little prayer for me that I survive the next couple weeks without incident. :) We can't actually start training him not to whine until he hits 8 weeks and of course his frequent peeing will have to level out with age. Ugh! I love puppies but man I forgot how much work they were. :) Baby Bean is in love with him though so it will definitely be worth it.

Oh yeah, my camera is completely incapacitated now so I may be a bit slower on picture updates until I figure out how to get my pictures downloaded from my camera phone to the computer.




A Baby Bean 2 Update (Updated)

Baby Bean 2 is doing great! He is 12 weeks old today and has been sleeping through the night (8pm to 6am or 9pm to 7:30am) for about 3 weeks now. He is so relaxed and just a generally happy baby. We had some trouble with his spitting up and had an ultrasound done to check for Pyloric Stenosis. Results: Everything looks great! We have been putting rice cereal in his bottle for about 3 weeks and he has gotten so much better. We also had to have an echo cardiogram done at the Children's Hospital to check a slight heart murmur the doctor heard and all it is is the opening in his heart that all babies are born with has not fully closed yet. Most close within a couple days of being born but some don't close for a couple months. All we have to do is have a followup echo cardiogram done at 6 months to check that it has closed. So, good news all the way around. :) Baby Bean 2's heart echo results came back and he is just fine. Everything is structurally as it should be. The little whole in his heart from birth is still slightly open so as mentioned before we will have a follow up echo done at 6 months. Yea for good news!!!

At his 2 month check up he was weighing 12lb 8oz and measuring 24 1/2 inches long. That was a 10oz and 1 1/2 inch gain from his 1 month check up. Next appointment, March for 4 months.

Now, look at this face, I'm in Love!!! And he loves his cousin Lily too!