I live in a ZOO!

Nothing really going on here except that I now officially live in a zoo. This may be a bit surprising to you guys but it's true. When we first moved in we noticed in the evening that we had deer in our backyard. Cool, huh? Not when they start pawing at the ground (like a bull) and snorting like they are about to charge you. Well, they never charged me (but I know it crossed their minds) but they do visit a couple times a week and from time to time they'll even show up late in the afternoon. Well that is one animal so no need to classify this place as a zoo. However, while sitting down to dinner the other night I just happened to notice this very ugly rodent running across the field behind our house. What is this rodent you might ask? It was a possum. Yes, it was ALIVE! I know that might sound weird but I don't honestly think I have ever seen a LIVE possum. Well sure enough it was just wandering around contemplating the dumpster behind the church. Well two animals is getting closer but still not quite a zoo. Well, THREE definitely classifies as a ZOO. Last night or maybe I should say this morning about 2:00AM we heard this horrible moaning, howling sound. Immediately I ran to silence Clutch whom I assumed was dreaming and I didn't want him to wake up Brea. Well, I walk in the kitchen and he's actually awake and wagging his tail. I wait a minute and here the noise again coming from in front and behind the house. I run back tot he bedroom to tell David it isn't Clutch. We both run to the window only to see a COYOTE in our back yard. H O L Y CRAP! I officially live in a zoo!


la ti da, la ti da...

So, nothing much has really happened around here lately. Brea's tooth count is up to 12 including 1 molar. I'm telling you, this kid just keeps popping them in. Her ear infection is completely gone and she has started gaining weight at a quick pace. Due most likely I'm sure to the increased amounts of normal food she's eating these days. Yea for no more baby food!

The house is finally settled and we've had our first house guests. Grandma and Aunt Nancy visited last weekend before flying out for a vacation and will be back this weekend before heading home. They are always lots of fun!

Well, since nothing interesting to report here I will leave you all with this adorable picture of Brea and her best friend, Clutch.