Been a While...

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Well, it's been a while and I apologize although I believe their are probably only 2 people who ever check here for updates. To those two people, I apologize.
The Bean household is up early this morning so I will give a "nutshell" update. Over the last couple months we have been busy bees around here. I am attmepting two, that's right TWO homebased businesses along with raising two little monsters, I mean Beans and volunteering on the base 1 to 3 days a week (with kids in tow). So we have been busy.
Baby Bean 2 turned 1 on the 11th of November and celebrated by tumbling down our wooden, unfinished basement stairs. 11 of them! Go figure. Needless to say we took him to the ER, they did a CAT Scan and in all we were there only 2 hours and he had a small bruise/bump on his head from the ordeal. About a month before that he had pulled a papertowel off the table that had a steak knife sitting on it that nicked his face just a hair shy of his eye ball. We now believe Baby Bean 2 has super human powers. We will be weary of Water for we know how that can be a weakness for super people. :)
Baby Bean 1 or the Bigger Bean is doing great. She will be 4 this month and is so excited to be having her bday party at Uncle Little Brother Bean's house with all her family and cousins. We will be in AL the 12th through the 23rd this month so we are looking forward to that. Stephanie, we really have go to let our kids meet this time around!!!!

A picture post to follow soon but enjoy the dancing elves for now......