Cakes and such

So I have started back to college after a 9 year sabatical.  I am taking classes with National University out of California online.  I am finishing my Bachelors degree in History.  I don't yet have a plan for it when I'm done but I know there are several government jobs I could procure with it and that is my end goal at this time.  They are super condensed, 4 week classes so I have 22 classes (22 months) of school left.  I am in the final 3 days of my first class, Advance English Composition, and have been really surprised at how much work an online class is and at how much I am enjoying this class and learning despite the bundle of nerves I was over taking this particular class.  My final for the class is an 8-10 page research paper arguing a particular view effectively and proposing a solution.  I am arguing against home schooling.  In a week I start my 4 week Geography class.  Needless to say I am well on my way and really enjoying it this time around.  Amazing the perspective a few years and some life experience can give you on learning.

This is a cake I did for a 5 year old girl's birthday this past weekend and the one below is cake I did for the Annual Aircrew Awards on base.  The horse was a lot of fun to make.  Marshmallow fondant that was super yummy because I made the fondant and flavored it with Vanilla Extract.