Villains and Education

Well the renter backed out so we are back to square one.  Hopefully with our move out date being 1 October the rental traffic should pick back up in September.  We got all of our clearances and records done and submitted so we should be with orders in hand within a couple weeks.  Yay!

Big Girl Bean starts preschool on Tuesday after Labor Day so we are all excited about that.  She was going to be going to the local elementery school's program but they told me back in April during all other preschool registrations that they were most likely not going to have the program this year because of budget cuts and if they did have it they may not have room for her.  :(   Some BS about her not being high risk enough to qualify above others (level of risk meaning parents marital status, economic status, mental and physical ability, etc).  I agree that she is very bright and we are not bad off in comparison, but come on, she still should be able to attend the free programs that other kids attend. So then my property taxes went up which around here something like 70% of those taxes is supposed to go to education in your district and they cut her free program.  So we are now paying $120 a month for her to go to a church preschool (which we really love) because she is 4 and needs to be in school!  But then I get a call from the elementary school last week saying that they are going to have the program now but because they didn't find out before 1 July I am not able to get the registration fee or the 1st month's tuition for the church preschool back  So since she will only get to go for 1 month before we move what's the point?  In conclusion, she is going to the church preschool and I am happy about that.  Not so happy still though about my taxes going up and the crappy job Illinois is doing to take care of public education.

On the other hand, I made a Darth Vader cake last week and this was the result:
I was pleased considering it was my first real big attempt at 3D Fondant work.  Lots of fun but man, tons of work!  And oh yes, it had sound effects!!!


Some updates

So we got a call from our Property Management company that we had an rental application for our house last week.  Well, they called yesterday and asked for a second walk thru before making a final decision so now we are just waiting.  Keep your fingers crossed!

It's been a while since updates have been posted here (and yes, I know that's my own fault) so here are some things that have happened over the last couple months:

1. Baby Bean stuck his finger in a tiki torch flame and didn't flinch.  He actually charred his finger tip (it was black) but didn't do anything but suck on it for a few minutes and then go back to playing.

2. Baby Bean touched the prongs of a half way plugged in night lite and shocked himself enough to cut power to the entire room and laughed...

3. Then, Baby Bean got out the front door when I was in the back of the house.  I went to check on the kids and found the front door wide open with Big Girl Bean on the couch watching TV and Baby Bean missing...  I scanned the neighborhood for a few minutes along with 4 of my neighbors and found nothing.  So I called Mr. Bean to come home and help and he said call 911 and he would be home soon.  Called 911, gave them all the info and hang up.  Mr. Bean calls back and says car battery is dead and needs a jump.  Get neighbors to get him while still looking only to find Baby Bean in the driver's seat of our across the street neighbor's car, happy as could be.

In conclusion, he now has grand theft auto added to his rap sheet and I am pretty sure he has some kind of secret super powers. 

Happy Tuesday!


A few updates...

So I have had some requests from certain family members to start updating my blog again and seeing as I will be living in Germany soon I thought I might comply.  Here is the latest...

My cakes are still going strong and Pampered Chef is going so so.  I will be having a HUGE Pampered Chef party the middle of September as a final out from here and to get the Fall catalog started off right!  Early Christmas shopping and lots of free giveaways for everyone!

This is my latest cake.  3 layer white with Bavarian Creme filling.  It was done as a birthday cake for a friends mother.  I made the fondant roses and mums myself!!!   By the way, I have a cake blog now too!  www.cakespecialties.blogspot.com  Check it out!

This weekend is our last Auto Cross race of the season and I am going to win the Ladies Championship for my class.  Yay!  I am so addicted to this sport now it's unreal.  :)

All our medical clearances are complete so hopefully we will have orders soon and can arrange a final schedule for packing, moving, vacationing, etc.  Middle of October will be our final out and then Europe, here I come!