Biggest Picture Blog Ever!!!

As requested by Maughry and followed by Bro. Bean I am doing my show and tell. Unfortunately you may not be interested in a lot of them as they are from here and places the Mr. and I have been since being here. Here we go....

This is another wedding photo. We didn't have digital at the time so a lot photos you see will be photos of photos.
This was my group that was able to make it to the wedding. In order from left to right and then top to bottom is: David, Lyle, Jonathan, Mary, Lane, Brian's Head, Nick, Valerie, Suzanne, Stephanie, Michelle, Elizabeth, and Pat. Wow, I miss you all sooooooo much!!!
This was Dec. '05 at the Nixon Library in CA. I was 9 months pregnant!
Me in Barcelona, Spain April 2004.

These are of Me and Mr. Bean in Brugges and Zee Brugges (North Sea) in March of 2005.

These are Fisherman's Warf, Me at Alcatraz, Just the bridge, Me and the Golden Gate Bridge from Alcatraz Island and Us at the Bridge respectively. This was Thanksgiving weekend 2004. All in San Francisco of course.

This is my photo of my infamous black eye in March 2001 and a photo of me at age 5.
Brother Bean's graduation photo! May 1997
Father Bean and I in the summer of 1999.
Brother Bean and I November 1999 I believe at FUMC for the Dog Named David concert.
Bridge at Shakespeare Park where Mr. Bean proposed in January 2002.
Baby Bean and Me in March 2006.
One week before baby bean popped out! Wow was I HUGE! :)

All the beans in October 2004. I believe Older Bro. Bean called this my 7th Day Adventist look. Go figure!
The last photo of the sibling beans together. Aren't we a nice bunch! September 2005.

Well that's all for today. I'm afraid I will freak out the blogger system if I try to add anymore. I have millions more though so you will all unfortunately see more in the near future. Hope you all enjoyed!


Wedding Photo

I think we should all post a wedding photo! Especially for those who couldn't be there to see it in person! I LOVE PICTURES!!!

note: this is a photo of a photo. i will post better ones later.


Without Cheating....

....who can tell me how old Methusela was when he died?
....who the two E's are that went to Heaven without actually dying?
....who was Noah's grandfather?


Old Live Oak Cemetery

This is a horrible picture, I know, but it is the only one I have of the Old Live Oak Cemetery one street over from my parent's house in Selma. This is the Cemetery Maughry, Ms. Varlowe and I were talking about on Allison's blog. It is really a gorgeous cemetery. Check Ms. Varlowe's site soon for much better pictures!!!



Well, the tag finally made it my way. I don't know that they are all weird actually but I guess we'll see when the comments start rolling in. By the way, some of these have developed as a by-product of living with Mr. Bean. If they have come from him then I will mark them accordingly. And we're off....

1. I love Mr. Beans deoderant. He wears Brute and I absolutely LOVE that he still smells like it at night when I curl up on him to go to sleep. I also where his shirts in the evening as they smell the same way. He actually wears one around for me all day the day before he leave to go anywhere that way while he's gone I have a shirt that smells like him. And I'll wear every night to bed whether he's gone 2 days or 2 months!

2. I NEVER wear matching socks unless they are white ankle socks. It's not that I don't like matching socks, I just don't fold them together when I do the laundry. I do however have to wear the same style sock. For instance, an ankle sock cannot be worn with a calf sock and a sock with thick padded soles cannot be worn with a normal consistency sock. And yes, I LOVE toe socks!!!

3. The toilet paper has to be put on the spindle with the paper coming off the top. If I am at someone's house and see that it is not this way I will actually change it for them without telling them sometimes. ***this one from Mr. Bean***

4. As Ms. Varlowe stated I too eat colored candies by twos and I eat my least favorite color first as to save the best for last. And yes, colored M&M's do taste differently! I also pull the banana flavored Runts out and throw them away if I get any. I DETEST banana anything!

5. I cannot sleep AT ALL if Mr. Bean has not given me a "good night kiss" and said the phrase "love you night, night." Silly, I know, but it's true. He's such a good sport about the phrase. I will actually wake him up if I am laying in bed and realize that he has not done one or the other and he knows he will not get any sleep until he has done so. I also make him kiss me once for every night he will be gone if he goes somewhere that way my "good night kiss" is taken care of before he leaves.

6. I cannot under any circumstances sleep with socks on or my hair in a pony tail. My hair has to be free and out from under my head on the pillow and my feet have to be free to breathe.

I think that is about as weird as I get right now. I'm sure there are more but that was all I could really think of.

By the way, Baby Bean is 4 months old today! Look how she has changed!!!



So I'm listening to Boston from Jonathan's site while I write this. That was the best post I had read all week. Anyways, back to it. This morning I got in the SRT-4 to help Mr. Bean switch cars around.
<--- SRT-4

Well with our driveway it curves rather steeply and then you have to drive downhill into a two car DEEP garage to park it.

Well, we back the cars in so that to get them out all we have to do is pull forward. Well the SRT-4 is a front wheel drive car with ZERO turning radius whatsoever! I pulled forward around the curve, waited for Mr. Bean to pull the Miata into the grass at the top of the hill and then started to back down around the curve and down the hill back into the garage. Well, about 1/3 of the way down the hill I realized I really was too close to the brick wall running down the driveway so I stopped and switched gears to go forward. Well, the car didn't go forward as it was supposed to and as I had the wheel turned accordingly to go back up the hill and away from the wall, I slid down TOWARD the wall. FREAKING OUT now, I pull the wheel hard and slam on the breaks. I felt the car hit the wall. Talk about seeing your life flash before your eyes.

<--- Our Gargae and Driveway

I waited for Mr. Bean to get out of the car and yell at me for scratching our BRAND NEW car. Well, after several different maneuvers and Mr. Bean finally getting in and pulling back up the hill, I check the side of the car only to be AMAZED that there wasn't a single scratch on the car! Apparently the front tire had been pulled out by my turning the wheel so hard that it actually hit the was instead saving the car itself. Needless to say after that I had him back it back down into the garage while I walked my shakey self back down into the garage. The bad thing is, I back that car in at least twice a day usually. I've never gotten that close. I guess there's a first time for everything.

Dog Lovers

For all dog lovers out there. Here is a picture of my Taylor.

His name is Clutch!

Name that.....


Who has been in all of the following films:

Senese and Sensibility
Quigley Down Under
Die Hard
Robin Hood, Prince of Thieves


Name That....

....Land Mass

This is where the Bean will be the last week of May. Any guesses???????



For those of you who grow weary of Baby Bean news, I apologize. It's like having a new pair of shoes. You just have to show them off every chance you get. Anyways, back to the point.

This is a picture of little bean this past Sunday, her very first Easter. She enjoyed a nice teething ring and beautiful pair of flowered shoes from the Easter bunny along with some chocolates the Big Bean and I took care of for her. This photo is of her in her Christening gown. It was my Christening gown first made by my grandmother from my mother's wedding gown. The photo beside her is of me in June of 1982. Isn't the resemblance scary? :) Anyways, I thought she was beautiful and was amused by the similarity between her photo and mine. Hope you like it!


Not much to report...

...today. Mr. Bean took a CLEP test to help finish up his degree and I visited the University of Maryland office to get info. on finishing mine as well. Most of you are probably not familiar with my schooling or lack there of. I did my first 2 years at Huntingdon as a History major. I got married in June '02 and rather than going back to Huntingdon I decided to go to work full time and go to night school at AUM. I did this for a year and about 1 month before starting my second year at AUM we found out we were headed accross the pond. So, as I have been meaning to finish for some time now I have finally gotten my lazy but in gear and should be starting online classes in June. Only 1 or 2 to start to see how well it goes. I am slightly apprehensive about online classes so I will start slow. One of the classes I am trying to get into is called Egyptian Art and Archaeology. How cool does that sound. I am really excited. Will let you know how it goes once it starts going.



Reading Stephanie's Paper Plate Awards made me think back to all the times I've spent with some of you guys. So for today I thought I would share a few of my memories with you. Maybe it will put a smile on your face as it did mine while I was thinking of them. Also, I don't have the best memory so if you see something wrong with any of these, sorry.

I have so many memories of Girls night that they all run together. One of my favorites was the Lingerie shower the girls threw for me before my wedding. I remember it was in Valerie and Elizabeth's house in Montgomery. It was one of the few times I have met Heather and one of the few times I have really gotten to hang out with Mary.

Dave Matthews
Brother Bean's senior year of college Lane, Mary, Nicholas, Valerie, Elizabeth and I all went to B-ham for a Dave Matthews Concert. It was soo much fun. I seem to remember that Mr. and Mrs. H snuck down into the expensive seats after the concert started to get a better view. If I remember correctly this was before they started dating.

Lane, there are too many. Two of my favorites would have to be hiking with you, your mom, Bro. Bean, Steve B. and John J. in Kentucky. That was quite the experience. If I recall, one night either before or after the hike we all went to the mall and on the way Bohemian Rhapsody came on the radio and we all let loose in the van. Ahhh, Queen. The other would have to be a small burping contest we had one day in your and B Bean's dorm room. I believe you won by I was almost there. :)

Brian, Steph, Jonathan, Lane do you guys remember coming to play for Morgan Academy's Prom breakfast? I believe you all camped out at my house that evening. Mechelle I think arrived late and I went back to the house to get her. I remember sitting and listening to you guys play a Christmas Song by Dave Matthews. The other big band memory I have is of Weeping Isaiah. You guys came over Bro. Bean's freshman year of college to go caroling around our neighborhood and see our hugemongous Christmas tree. One that I might add Bro. Bean picked out and was a bit lopsided!

Valerie, Stephanie, Elizabeth, and a few others I remember us going to Atlanta for someone's half-birthday. I don't remember if it was Val's or Elizabeth's. I do remember my Black Eye was more beautiful than ever that particular trip. :)

Elizabeth do you recall the Milk Shake party we had in my dorm room? It is where I met Mr. Bean and where Mr. Bean and Elizabeth left a 2 gallon container of Chocolate ice cream in my little micro-fridge. I found it 3 days later. It had then turned into chocolate soup.

The last one for today would have to be Valerie, Mechelle and I going out to Shakespeare park for a photography project Valerie was working on. I remember because she had me run and skip around on the lawn like a fool! It was quite funny to tell the truth.

Laura, as I've only met you once I don't really have any but I had so much fun at dinner with you and Bro. Bean. I can't wait til we're closer to spend more time with each other. I see good times in our future!

Brother Bean, there are so many. One small one I will remind you of is a trip we took to the beach one weekend to see a "friend" and you came back with brick red feet from having neglected to put sun tan lotion on them before baking in the sun.

I love you all and hope you enjoyed this reading!



Check it out. So I'm walking around the grocery store today with the little bean in her car seat and I look down and she's got her pacifier in her hand just holding it by the little ring and looking at me. Now I know you must be thinking, "so she's holding a pacifier, big deal." Normally that would be my thought, but as she has yet to be able to hold onto anything for any amount of time, let alone by it's actual handle, I was a bit bumfuzzled. Before she will grab something if you put it in her hand but then she instantly drops it. I don't believe she realizes her hands are attached to her body and that she can actually control them. I'm rambbling. Anyways, I put it back in her mouth and keep walking. I look down a few minutes later and the same thing. Holding pacifier in hand by ring, looking at me. Well this little dance (me popping it back in and her pulling it back out)continues throughout the rest of the store. About the time I hit the check out lane, she decides to leave it in her mouth for good. So I unload groceries, get out my checkbook, start writing the check and I hear this little noise. I look at little bean just in time to see her: pull pacifier out by ring, sneeze, and pop pacifier back in her mouth. HOLY CRAP!!! I just stared at her and said "Are You Kidding Me?!?!?!?" The cashier looks at me and makes a little "huhmm" and I remember that I was in the middle of paying. Needless to say, I was quite shocked and amazed by this new-found ability of said bean. I was unaware of 3 1/2 month olds being that coordinated.

I'm a little scared now. What else is she about to do??? :) :O :)

Name that....

....Song, Artist, and Album

"...He had an angel's heart and the devil's hand..."

50pts to Lovelib for answering correctly on previous post!

Name that....


"Love is an illusion."

"But it's the most important illusion."

"Says who?"

"Anyone who's ever been in love."


Light Comedy

Two muffins are in an oven. The first muffin says "man its hot in here". The second muffin says "HOLY CRAP! A talking muffin!!"

Two cows standing on a hill. One cow says "Hey, what do you think of this mad cow disease?" The other cow says, "What do I care, I'm a helicopter!"

A couple of Mr. Bean's favorite "one liners." Oh the humor in my home.


So I finally watched Walk The Line last night and it was Wonderful! I didn't know the Johnny Cash story so the whole movie was a treat for me. Tonight I believe we are going to try to watch Glory Days. Will let you know how it goes.

So, Spring has finally stepped foot in Belgium. We haven't had snow it almost 4 weeks so it is safe to say, it's gone for the year. Wahoo! It won't be long before we have that wonderful smell of orchards, fresh cut grass, and horse crap wafting through our house. Yes, you read that correctly, horse crap. We live in a fairly rural area so we have many a barn yard animal running around. (<---- this is our house) To the right of us we have a nice group of chickens (with a couple roosters who don't know what sun-up is) and accross the street we have horses and sheep. Oh yeah, we also have a nice pig pen just four houses down on my running path. Lovely, isn't it. Now it's not every day that you smell these wonderful animals. It is only on the days where Belgium's gale force winds are sweeping through. This happens about once or twice a week in the summer. Our days here are also nuts. They last FOREVER!
<---- This is Midnight here on a late June early July day. And that bit of sunlight fading there returns about 4am.

Well, that's about all for now. I have a bazillion photos from places I've been around here as well as some interesting family (aka Nicholas) photos if they should be requested and permitted. :) As it's morning there.....Have a great day!