Chocolate Anyone???

Here is my most recent cake. We had a chili cook off for our Sunday school class and I thought what better opportunity to practice my cake decorating. So this was my dessert.


Heath Ledger, A Talented Actor

Heath Ledger was a good actor with promise for a long future. I loved most of the movies he did and am still looking forward to seeing his last complete performance in the new Batman movie. These are some clips of him from some of my favorite movies he did. I am anxious for the toxicology report to come back and prove his death truly accidental. All our prayers go out to his family and friends.

10 Things I Hate About You

A Knight's Tale

The Patriot




Christmas Photos!!!!

Finally they are here and by the way, Congrats to John McCain!!!!!! He's got my vote.

Baby Bean finally warmed up to Santa on her birthday!

Baby Bean's 2nd birthday cake. I made it and added birthday candies and candles after I took this picture.

A rocking horse replica of Pony Tiger Alfie. Ask Brother Bean.

Riding in style with her vintage Pink Cadillac Pedal car.

What happens when we let Baby Bean dress herself. Long Johns, Snow Boots and a Ski Cap. What can I say? She's one of a kind!


A New Year a New Start...

Per Ms. Hooks request and an unfortunate lag in time I am updating all on our goings on.

Christmas was a mixed bag this year. On one hand Baby Bean turned 2 and had the best Christmas every. She had the best time opening gifts and discovering the joy of driving. Seriously, she got an old Cadillac pedal car in pink and silver and it is ADORABLE. She loves it and cruises around with her bears any chance she gets. On the other hand Mr. Bean, baby, Mrs. Muffing and Grandma on Mr. Bean's side all got sick and we think Baby Bean perpetuated it all.

We learned of Brother Bean and the Mrs. incredible news that I was going to be an Aunt and then a few days later that I would be made an Aunt TWICE in the same day was thrilling. Unfortunately after 6 months of trying for baby number 2 we found out we were pregnant and at the same time losing it all in a matter of days. The good news is that I am fine physically and mentally with out any doctor intervention and we are taking it as a sign that after 6 months of trying it is still possible just a matter of HIS right timing for it to work out and not ours. That gives us hope and in the mean time I have TWINS on the way to spoil and throw all my bad habits too. :) I can't wait.

We had a great holiday with visitors from both sides. The best part of all was that we had our Christmas in Our home. We got to wake up Christmas morning to our tree and our fireplace with our child and enjoy the blessings we all had. By far my favorite Christmas.

I will download and post Christmas pictures soon.

Happy New Year!