PROMOTION DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


My littlest bean is growing so fast! Look at his first shopping cart rides!

And of course the two beans together. They really are two peas in a pod. He's in love with her!

A cake from last weeks picnic.

another view


Back in STL

So we're back from our vacationing for probably the rest of the year. Hopefully that means I'll be a little more diligent in my blogging. Not likely, but I'll try. We went to Asheville for a few short days and then left the baby beans with the grandparents while Mr. Bean and I went down to Charleston for a few days by ourselves to celebrate our 7th anniversary (a week early). We had the best time and have already decided that we need to go down there again soon! Here are a couple pictures from Charleston:

Dolphins escorting our dinner cruise boat.

An original Eli Whitney Cotton Engine

Mr. Bean and Me at Boone Hall Plantation (the oldest working plantation).

A beautiful southern Magnolia blossom.

One of many Charleston homes we adored.

I have promised new pictures of the babies bean for some time now so here they are. The first two were taken yesterday (can't get much more current than that) and the one of them together was taken in Asheville about a week ago.

Aren't they getting big?!?!?!?

As I mentioned before, yesterday was Mr. Bean and my 7th wedding anniversary. In the last 7 years we have lived in Belgium, California and Illinois. We have had 2 beautiful children. We have traveled to more than 10 different countries and learned to partially speak 3 different languages. Mr. Bean has gotten 2 promotions and extended his current career choice for another 4 years. This he did yesterday where he presented me with a custom made diamond anniversary band. This along with the mushy, sweet words he said about me and our family as a whole in front of so many people of course had me bawling (with happiness). He was pretty smooth actually and had given me a gag anniversary gift the night before and said he could get me what he knew I really wanted but that he and papa bean had worked really hard to get me this (the gag yet believable gift). I of course fell for it hook, line and sinker and was blown away by the real gift the next day during his ceremony.

Isn't it beautiful!